Think About

Words are my favorite thing to think about

because I never run out of words to think about

or ways to think about them.

I can’t help myself.

It’s a disease that heals me

and I can’t think of a better day




or way

to think about it




Ten blue berries two a kiss

love that taste

bitter looking forward to

something sweet

something purple

something pink

Constant headaches

also known as puke and blink

would rather sit on Uncle Fister’s pissing little frog

than be the catamorphic point between two lines where light exists

Ten red fairies two a kiss

How slavered cherry wine is made

where men come from eat what they hunt

Ten blue cherries two a lemon kiss

Seven miles to the dime

Sick old lady soccer teacher vibes

handing handies out to old men luring our kids inside

make. me. want. to. do

crime and start some violence

Frightful design catastrophic by nature

Save your own life

for ten blue berries

two of which are blind.




Big Top Cruisin’ Freak Show Humans
Orchestrating Mass Confusion Freedom Pleasing People Unions Subsequently Crash Into Them,
Petrol Hoarding Leather Goblins,
Building Homes They’re Paid To Rob
From Bigfoot Truthing Junkie Loser
Tightrope Walking Mine Diffusers.

Performers Of The Great Parade,
It’s Storming Clowns On California
Pouring Bears In Maine,
Taking Stages Captivating
Trapping Kids In Lion Cages.

Uncle Sammy’s Hat Is Full Of
Peanut Roasting Gophers
Toting Automatic 
Pigeon Feeding
Battle Ready

We The Wild People
Take These Truths
And Hold Them Proofless,
On Glory To
We Glorious Few,
Cheering, “Circus-Circus!”


Village to Village

I am the savage
see me plunder
see me pillage

sea to sea
village to village

I am the scavenger
cold and hungry
scared and lonely
good will hunting

sea to sea
country to country

I am catastrophe
the skip in the beat of the frightened hearts 
bleeding apart from our limbs
when they've been pillaged

sea to sea
village to village


*I wanna battle more often and die more


Hell hath no fury like rock sturdy earth and her ungodly heathens

when thee, ‘see no one’ ‘say no thing’ evil

primordial god fist of thunder struck lightning comes swinging,

I duck.

Signal flares bellow white

dawning of angle-less squares

purposefully rounder

ruthlessly grounded

where hell hath no fury

like rock sturdy earth

and her ungodly heathens.

Symptom’s disease,


champion gurneys through tragically breathable airways


compelling these lungs to great lengths

where hell hath no fury

like rock sturdy earth

and her ungodly heathens


Pen ink for Your Thoughts

Carry me on your back like a backpack.

I’ll be the book inside you keep handy for looking up rhymes,
Whispering sweet synonyms to find the syllables to fit your lines.

I’ll be the number two you keep inside and the notebook on with it you scrawl,
because I crave to be the phrase that makes you stop in your tracks to write.

Drop everything.
Draw your thoughts on the pages of my spine,
in permanence,
to always remember
to never forget,
I’ll forever be the bag on your back with the book inside,
and pen ink for your thoughts,
the paper
to your rhymes.


*you’re my favorite page. I wanna tear you out and keep you for reference and know that whoever finds this book will wonder about the missing page, but never know who took it, or what it ever said.*

My Unspoken

I absolutely have to share this piece.

The most sincere and honest work of writing I’ve read in a really, really long time. Seriously. I can’t begin to describe to you how much I love and adore every single word of this masterpiece. Thank you, writer.

How I would give anything just to meet myself for the first timeThe small innocent boy with white eyes and pure smileSometimes I wonder will that …

My Unspoken

Cushion Daisies

What in carnation

disarming tarnation

is up with you.

You’re staring at the ceiling fan again

like it’s on tube

and I’ve been trying to reach you

for a while now

but I can’t get through

and I’ll put all my bets on you took something

didn’t you

didn’t you.


to anyone fighting an addiction to anything like I did, I implore you to keep fighting. You’re a beautiful soul, and you’ll tell yourself that, as soon as you stop to listen. Be well, friends.

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